As you might understand, job and family do create some time restrictions.
However, here some of the work I did, and I do, at my spare time.
Not listed here is what I do via my github account, or similar platforms, for projects where I am not the maintainer.

Community work


Since 2016 I am the organizers of the Stockholm C++ user meetup group.

Join the group to stay informed about our events. If you are in - or come to - Stockholm you can also visit any of our events that has not limited seats without being registered.
Meet me in real life, I am looking forward seeing you!

Our meetup site

I made also a service available joining the most important information of all C++ user groups in Sweden.

Information about all C++ user groups in Sweden

We share a lot of knowledge and we share as many videos as possible from our evenings. Meanwhile I am also a bit proud of my skills in video editing, what became one of my favorite hobbies.

Our youtube channel


If not explicit mentioned different all written work is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Creative Commons License^

BitBake guide

A BitBake tutorial for people that start to work with Yocto or OpenEmbedded and what to do more than just copy recipes.

Maybe unusual for a developer, I like to write documentation. With the restriction that I have to get the required time to do it.

This guide is not only a useful document, but also an other example for how it looks if I write documentation, in this case a tutorial.

Homepage / blog

It took quite a while until i got started with a homepage, and this is where the title for this page is coming from.

Since some time I also try to post on the blog section. This works, due to time restrictions, sometimes better than other times ;-)

The blog

The blog page.

Active and current

Projects I still do, will or might spend time with.


A C++11 interface for sqlite3.

libsl3 started because of 2 reasons.

  • A research project test and play with new C++ feature at the time where C++11 was new.

  • I had to access a sqlite3 database and existing C++ wrappers where no option for the one or other reason.

It became useful and is also a nice way to demonstrate how I understand a library should look like. 100% code coverage through unit tests, well and complete public API documentation, multi platform and easy to install or integrate into own projects.


Slack Build Binary Dependencies
The tool for exploring binary runtime dependencies on Slackware and Slackware based systems.

sbbdep is a tool for Slackware developer and power user.
It tells you which libraries a binary or other library depends on and reports missing dependencies.

For Slackware users is sbbdep available via

sbbdep is feature complete. If there are bugs reported they will be fixed but the project itself is final.


Inactive public repositories.


slpgk is a collection of package build scrips for Slackware Linux.
The scripts allow automatic downloading, partial build and conversion into 'traditional Slackware build scripts'.

Most of the software there was use by me for my professional development work back in the days where Slackware was the distribution I used at home and at work, what is meanwhile a while back now.


pyjiProTime is a Jira (Atlassian) Qt GUI client written in python to view worklogs of a project.
This is the result of a hackathon with the title 'do something with Qt and python'.